10 Good Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

(Or how to make your life easier...)

easy administration

The virtual assistant is self-employed so you won’t have tax or NI responsibilities.

less expenses

You save on expenses for monthly salary and insurance, as well as fixed expenses for office space: rental fee, costs for office maintenance, equipment and consumables, etc. There are no recruitment costs or ongoing training costs.


No location limitations – you do not need to purchase additional equipment for or have an extra office space to hire your Virtual Assistant. Your Virtual Assistant is with you virtually even though you may be on a business trip world-wide.

On the clock

You only pay for the time the virtual PA is working – no sick pay, no holiday pay, no maternity pay, no breaks away from the desk during working hours.

i'm sorry but...

You can end the relationship when you need to without incurring any liabilities – no redundancy pay or tribunals if things don’t work out.

At your convenience

Virtual Assistants are perfect for anyone needing regular support but not for enough hours to justify employing someone on a permanent basis. VAs provide support only where needed. You only pay for the hours they work and you don’t need to find extra jobs to use up the hours you’ve paid for. You can book them for short periods or for extended periods, depending on your current needs.

A wise owl

Virtual Assistants usually work with a wide variety of clients so they bring a wealth of experience. Your Virtual Assistant is an invaluable advisor and counselor, since they are objective with an unbiased view of your business.

Share the Load

Virtual Assistants are usually highly skilled professionals (they are, after all, running their own business) and as such can provide you with a high calibre of service, often far exceeding what you could expect from a part time or temporary worker.


Flexible Working Terms and Conditions – your Virtual Assistant is flexible depending on your individual business needs. They work for you on a project basis, hourly basis, monthly plan or any other variable form possible. Working terms and conditions are in conformity with your specific requirements and criteria.

Added Value

Your Virtual Assistant acts on your behalf, protects your interests and company’s reputation, while making your business image more attractive to your clients and partners.